Die Megatrends unserer Zeit sorgen für steigende Rohstoffpreise. MEGATRENDS WELTBEVÖLKERUNG Die Weltbevölkerung wächst exponentiell. Im Jahr 1850 wurde erstmals die Milliardengrenze erreicht. 2011 waren es bereits 7 Mrd. Menschen. Wachsende Zahl der Konsumenten > steigende Nachfrage nach Rohstoffen. KONSUM WIRTSCHAFT Innerhalb von 200 Jahren hat sich das Wirtschaftswachstum verhundertfacht. Mehr Produktion bedeutet höhere Nachfrage nach Rohstoffen. Auf Kosten der Bürger wird der Staat entschuldet. INFLATION Edelmetalle bieten daher auch einen wirkungsvollen Inflationsschutz. New Layer



Will there be more or less people in the future around the world?

Raw Materials

Therefore are more or less raw materials used?


Not renewable resources will be expenisve or cheaper?


Would you profit from this trend?

EM Global Service AG – True values for your assets

Security architecture for your deposit

Their commodity and precious metal stocks are always separated from the assets of the company working for you. Therefore you will benefit from a insolvency protection at all times! To control the storage, examination of insurance coverage, appointment of the auditor provides customers with a trustee is available.


Renowned manager of raw materials

Annual auditor monitored inventory report

Partial withdrawals possible at any time

Inventory reports available at any time

Complete transparency of expenses

Distribution of risk through investment in multiple raw materials

Insured stock levels

Physical storage of the raw materials for you

Storage in a duty-free warehouse for waived VAT

Inexpensive purchase (price per kilo at wholesaler rates)

Cost averaging effect for prorated investments

Investment protected against inflation

Storage outside of the banking system

Six-eye security concept during acceptance and retrieval

Tax-free compensation

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