True values for your assets

No Prosperity without raw materials

Precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, as well as raw materials like water, iron, zinc, petroleum and gas represent a fundamental requirement for our present prosperity. Almost every branch of industry is dependent upon these – finite – conditions. Metals are used in cars, electric motors and buildings. The IT industry is a significant consumer of gold. Silver is needed for the production of CDs and batteries. Platinum is used for medical devices, LCD displays and catalytic converter technology. These are only some examples.

Precious metals provide financial security

Gold and silver currently have more prominent importance than ever before with regard to money, currency and inflation. Most central banks keep a portion of their assets invested in gold. That fact that while gold backed currencies until 1971, paper money without gold backing is now continuously increasing is just as important. Precious metals are also a reasonable investment as an effective protection against inflation. With precious metals, you can protect and strengthen your assets through „real value“. Do what the professionals are doing. They have been investing in precious metals for a long time.

Security architecture for your deposit

  • Immediate transfer of ownership of the materials to you
  • Ultra-secure storage in high-security vault system
  • Purchase only certified refineries after the London Good Delivery Standard
  • Control of storage by trustee (6-eyes principle)
  • Annual audit report by independent auditor (approved by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority WPRG Article 21)
  • Transport to you is insured
  • Your assets are insured against theft
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